Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Night Wind-down

In almost 15 years of Mary Kay, I've waffled back and forth on the "work my business on Sunday" question. There have been times when I felt like I had great results and was consistently able to reach people on the phone on Sundays.

Then there have been times when I've felt as if the Lord gave us a clear commandment to set aside Sundays to be a day of rest and I've completely avoided all MK business on this day.

Here's where I seem to have landed: I do as little MK business as possible on Sunday. I also do as little other work as possible on that day, including housework, bill paying, yard work, etc. If I'm going to rest, then I'm going to rest. Period.

Does this mean I never make a call or fill an order on Sundays? Nope. I will do those things and, if a woman absolutely needed some pampering and Sunday was her only day to do it, I would consider doing it if there was no other option.

Why do I feel some things are acceptable and some aren't? Simple really, I try to put every choice for how to use my time and energy on the Lord's Day through the grid of serving others. If a small bit of business serves someone else then I'm going to do it. If that same amount of business only makes me money, then, well, I'm going to wait until Monday morning if at all possible.

Like many things in our business, it all comes down to balance.

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