Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Perfect Mary Kay Day!

It's the first day of school here. It's the first day of my 10-Show week. It's just one of those days that seems to be coming together.

So, today is the day! We're starting the Crown Jewels Unit blog again, this time with more gusto and more ideas to make it great! I hope you'll check it often! I intend to update approximately every other day or so. Oh, and please leave a comment too!

What's this about a perfect Mary Kay day? Well, I think I might be having one! Allow me to explain:

Did you ever wonder, "What exactly is a Mary Kay day supposed to look like? What does a Mary Kay Sales Director do with her day, what does her schedule look like?" I remember thinking that as a newer consultant. I actually asked Randi Stevens, our Senior Director, what I was supposed to do during the day.

Everyone's day is different in this business and it changes as your season of life changes too. But today I think I might have reached nirvana! I woke early to do a "before work" party at one of my customer's offices. They were thrilled as I brought fresh cinnamon rolls that I had put in the frig to rise overnight and then baked this morning. Piping hot when I arrived at the office. It was great fun and I was done by 9:30! Had sales and 1 booking with a hostess and 3 guests! Yippee!

Then ran a couple of errands, including to the farm market to get my fertilizer jug refilled with liquid fertilizer. Brought that home and immediately applied fertilizer (still in my heels and skirt, btw!).

Came inside and put in a load of laundry and answered several emails. Took an order off the answering machine, filled it and sent it out the door to the post office with my husband who was heading that way anyway-another $125 sold!

Changed clothes at this point and started the process of canning chili sauce with tomatoes that won't wait too much longer for me! Making a few phone calls to put up a couple more bookings (I am focused on this 10-Show week!) this afternoon while the tomatoes cook. I also have a list of people to follow up with from last week's parties. Pulled meat out of the freezer to thaw & to throw on the grill for dinner. Salad is prepped and in frig. Made extra large batch of dough for cinnamon rolls last night and it's in the oven while tomatoes are cooking so we'll have fresh bread with dinner too.

I have a customer who has agreed to meet with me over coffee after she gets off work tonight. I'll share the opportunity with her and plan to have a new unit member too!

Then after the interview I have a few more calls to make if time allows. After about 9:30 I'll spend about half our or so catching up on some paperwork. I'll also put away some product as I'm expecting an order in UPS this afternoon. I'll need to prepare some outstanding orders I have for delivery tomorrow too.

So that's what a busy MK day looks like for me. It includes booking, selling & recruiting activity and weaves my household responsibilities into the whole mess too.

Does every day look like this? No, but I'd be thrilled if it did!

Would I be able to complete a 10-Show Week if every day was like today? No! It takes more classes and less household stuff for that! But since I didn't have more on the book today, I'm squeezing in the family/household needs where I can.

So that's my day and I'd love to know what your perfect Mary Kay day looks like too! As a matter of fact, I would love to hear from you so much that I'll give a prize!

Leave a comment to this post and I'll randomly draw one commentator's name to win a $5 Panera Gift Card! Just tell me in the comments what your perfect MK day would be or has been!

Big 'ole blessings to you today!
Jennifer B


  1. I love that you have the unit blog up; it helps me stay in touch. I recently had a "close-to-perfect" MK day. Opened my email very early and had two orders, stopped by post office to mail an order, went to work where I delivered an order and chatted with a teacher about MK opportunity & she agreed to attend our weekly meeting with me. Then I made 5 customer service phone calls in the evening - more orders! I love how MK fits into my schedule! I'll be checking in often. Joy

  2. Enjoyed the post Jen! My most recent perfect MK day was my open house a couple of Mondays ago. I think it was the best and most fulfilling open house I have had so far. It wasn't a $1,000 plus day but here's what it was: A time to visit and re-connect with some of my best and most treasured customers. Sure, I was blessed with over $300 in sales and for the handful of customers I had I am very grateful for those sales. However, for me seeing and being with my awesome MK Director, some of my best customers and some of my family (who are also some of my best customers) was the most important part!! Thank you so much Jen for taking the time to drive up and be with me. It really means a lot that you were willing to be there and I really enjoyed having you! Here's to more perfect MK days ahead!! Lelia