Monday, August 30, 2010

Discipline Brings Freedom

The following message landed in my email inbox yesterday and I feel it is worth  sharing for sure! This is a message from NSD Jan Thetford, one of my all-time favorite people because of her devotion to the Lord and her energy for her business. Hope it blesses you!
"Ive been thinking alot about what Linda shared with us last week on Intelliverse - Discipline BRINGS Freedom. Its true and a topic worthy of us exploring a little!
In reading scripture this morning as a part of our sermon I came upon Phil. 4.:1-19. here is what Dr. John Maxwell has to say about this...very thought provoking...don't you think?
Self Discipline:
Paul Mastered What Would Help Him
(Phil. 4:19)
Phillipians 4 provides a call to discipline. Paul declares that the goal of peace and fulfillment runs through the path of self discipline. The apostle elaborates on 3 disciplines that help leaders stay aligned with there mission:
1. Govern your Actions (vv.1-5)
Paul pleads with his friends to stand firm. Live in harmony. Display self control.
2. Guard your Attitudes (vv.6-9)
He says to replace worry with prayer and to think on positive things that edify.
3. Give your assets (vv.10-19)
Nothing purifies more than sharing your resources and trusting God to meet your needs.
Verses 4-& in Phil. 4 are familiar verses to many of us..perhaps you will want to meditate on them this week."

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