Thursday, August 19, 2010

A new favorite & a Winner!

I have a new favorite to add to "Jen's It List"! It's the new Vanilla Sugar Satin Hands Set and it is great! 

My latest order arrived via UPS a couple days ago and I just pulled it out to try yesterday. It's wonderful--all the things we love about Satin Hands already, but also a wonderful vanilla fragrance. You know how sometimes vanilla-scented things can be really perfumy? Well not this one. It's subtle and light but still leaves a lingering scent that isn't overpowering.

The set includes the Skin Softener (same one that comes in the other Satin Hands Sets), a Vanilla Sugar Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub, and a Vanilla Sugar Hand Cream. It's just wonderful and only $34 for the set.

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that this is a limited edition product! When it's gone, it's gone! (Remember what happened with the Rosemary Mint Pedicure Kit this past spring?) This product is launching ahead of the rest of the Holiday 2010 line, so I would assume that the Co. made plenty to go around. But I know I will be ordering many to make sure I have enough to get me through the Holidays! 

I'm thinking any extra I have after Christmas will also go great into Valentine's Day sales too. Add some pink/red packaging and it will make a beautiful set!

Before I forget, let's announce the winner of the Panera Gift Card:
Joy Jenks & Lelia Jozwiak are both winners! I was so thrilled to get your comments that I decided to give away 2 cards! Look for them in your mail soon!
Thanks ladies for sharing your "Perfect MK Day"!

May everyone be blessed today!
Jennifer B

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